Our Mission

To Provide You Everything You Need to Easily Create, Publish and Maintain Your Masterpiece Website ... Affordably.

Everything you do to publish your website that’s not designing it is overhead.
We aim to absolutely minimize that overhead.
We’ve Got You Covered


We want you to create a compelling website that serves your purpose. That means all the functionality you need that’s easily accessed, that is appealing to the eye, that keeps viewers engaged, that has the right look and feel for the audience you wish to please, and so on.

Our expertise is to provide you all the apparatus to fulfill your mission. That means everything from the hosting service to the WordPress platform to the interactive visual editor to the tools and graphics that fit your purpose.You can select a baseline to build your own theme if you wish, and do this without you writing one line of code. Zero. Nothing. Nil. Nada.

We got you covered with nightly backups, automatic updates, security, and malware protection.

Every bit of work you do that’s not designing your website is overhead. We aim to absolutely minimize that overhead. And do that affordably.

Beautiful On All Major Platforms & Devices

It’s estimated that more than 50% of websites are accessed on mobile phones. Tablets are also becoming more common. That means that webpage content must be readable on drastically different screen sizes. Multiple  column websites on a desktop computer screen must neck down to one column on a small screen mobile phone. Images automatically resize. 

That’s Called Responsive Design

Sites that behave that way are referred to as responsive designs. To achieve a proper flow of information on a small screen device, you take advantage of elements on the same row being stacked on one column above content on the next row. View this Visipress site on different devices to see how columns in rows become stacked on small screens, and on devices that can be held on portrait and landscape orientations.

VisiPress System Features

Top-Tier Hosting Service

The hosting service ("host") is where all the operating system, website, and support software runs. Our hosting service is typically ranking in the top 5 of all Wordpress hosting services. Your website is in good hands with our selected hosting service.

TLS/SSL Security

Transport Layer Security (TLS) is a cryptographic protocol designed to provide end-to-end security of data sent between applications over the Internet. It is mostly familiar to users through its use in secure web browsing, and in particular the padlock icon that appears in web browsers when a secure session is established.

TLS is the more recent version  of SSL that provides better protection than SSL, though SSL is commonly used to mean both.

What's important is that all interactions over the internet are encrypted. Websites having TLS/SSL protection begin with https:// in the browser address bar.

Browsers warn wannabe visitors of sites lacking this protection to not enter for their own protection. Websites must have this protection.


Websites can be categorized as being "domain" (aka "primary") sites, versus "subdomain" sites. Both types are full fledged independent websites

Each client of Visipress is implemented as a subdomain and are independent of other subdomains.

There are four important benefits to using clients being subdomain sites on Visipress.net.

(1) There is no need to purchase a domain name. That could save you between roughly $30 to $200 per year -- even higher for high-value domain names. You would also need to hunt down a domain name that's not already used somewhere across the internet.

(2) Subdomains are free.

(3) Your subdomain name selection is only constrained by prior use within Visipress, not by your subdomain name clashing with the millions of domain names "out there".

(4) The structure of subdomains under the Visipress.net domain name provides for sharing of system resources like Wordpress plugins. That's critical to our ability to offer affordable websites. 


WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that allows you to build and host websites. WordPress contains plugin architecture and a template system, so you can customize any website to fit your business, blog, portfolio, or online store.

Wordpress is used by over 44% of the websites in the world! That speaks volumes for the ability to easily design websites deploying Wordpress' many features without writing any code at all.

Wordpress is structured as...

➤ one or more "pages",
➤ each containing one or more "sections",
➤ each containing one or more "rows",
➤ each containing one or more adjustable-width "columns",
➤ each containing one or more "modules",
➤ each containing an "element" from a large selection of elements...

This means you have tremendous flexibility to lay out any arrangement of functional elements in this hierarchical structure that works best for you.

View the video by clicking the View Rows and Row Options Video button to get immersed in this important topic.

Pre-made themes take advantage of this flexibility to give you amazing website templates that are not only dazzling but also logical in terms of the relationship of parts.

You can easily custom design the layout you want based on what you think works best. Look at pre-made layouts to get ideas. You are designing your website without writing one line of code.

WordPress Plugins

As powerful as Wordpress is, there are often cases where something special is needed. Wordpress plugins are the answer. See this library of over 32,000 free plugins created by Wordpress aficionados that provide unique solutions to needs of all kinds. It includes an essential search function to simplify your search.

Visual Builder/Editor & Themes

Divi is a complete design framework that allows you to design and customize every part of your website from the ground up. You have control over everything down to the finest detail.

Without coding experience, designing a website from scratch can be tricky or downright impossible. However, with Divi's front-end builder, coding isn't necessary. Because Divi is highly visual what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) editor, you can easily add and view special effects, change and view the image settings, and so on, and witness your changes as you make them.

View the  "Introduction to DIVI" video elsewhere on this page for a quick overview of the power of DIVI. Also view the library of theme/layout packs available to you at no additional cost. It loads slowly because the list is looong! https://www.elegantthemes.com/layouts/ 

Coming Soon... AI for Content and Images

A powerful Artificial Intelligence tool is now available. Auto-generate content with one click. Generate images automatically. Refine &  modify existing images. All integrated with your DIVI workflow. This means you can use AI as you create/edit your website without leaving DIVI.

Responsive Layout Themes

Responsive web design, as is the case for Visipress generated websites, refers to designing websites to adapt to a user's device. The result is a website retaining its optimal usability and appearance regardless of the device -- desktop, tablet, smart phone -- it's displayed on, and the device's orientation.

Content Element Types

"Elements" generally refer to the content you select for modules (and then customize). When you create a module, you are presented a pop-up from which you make your selection. Click here to open a Divi document listing elements, but please be aware that what's available to you will be limited though substantial. You will see the full list when you insert a module into your design.

Element Storage

When designing a Visipress website, you will likely create element designs that you would like to use in multiple places in the website. Visipress provides storage of those designs such that you can fetch them to insert into multiples places. This feature will save you time and assure you get an absolutely consistent appearance through you website. Visitors will appreciate the consistency because similarity gives confidence that wherever the element is used, it will behave the same.

Nightly Backups

VisiPress includes nightly backup of your entire website. You need not worry about losing your website. You can select any any backup copy taken over the last 30 days. If you are doing an edit session and things go awry, you can start the day over using the most recent backup. Better yet, take advantage of on-demand backups before you are about to start a substantial editing process. Then, if things get out of hand, you will have the backup of the site as it as just before you started the edit session.

Malware Scan/Clean

Websites are constantly bombarded with attempts to insert malware into your site causing the site to malfunction and even shut it down. Malware can also steal your private information. VisiPress invested in the top level plan offered by a most respected malware detection, prevention and removal application available.

Abundant Support Documentation

Documentation for all the components of your masterpiece website is available form the suppliers of those components. In addition, VisiPress will provide "briefs" of how the various parts work and how to set them up in the first place. Where VisiPress shines is having plugins already configured and pre-installed for your site. You will of course change text and other content that needs to be about you. You will likely customize it by just loading your images, perhaps experiment with colors, borders, sizes, spacings, shadows, and using the many other ways to make your website look and feel the way you want it to be.

Choose A Plan That Works For You.

Includes the whole shebang at one low price, probably lower than just hosting services elsewhere.


For presentation of purpose, capabilities, and features to build your followers and business

Build and maintain your site with numerous Editors, Authors, and Contributors

Includes blogs, accordions, galleries, text+image blurbs, images, videos, animations, … much much more


All Portfolio, plus…

For groups with interacting members

Hierarchal Member Roles: Administer (owner), Editors , Authors, Contributors, and Members

Basic scheduling of sessions for individuals and partners including RSVP and cancellations

“Notes” by participants attached to their RSVP sign-up, to offer ideas and contributions, and specify partner(s)

Automatic waitlist for overbooked sessions; wait-listed entries promoted to active upon cancellations.

Group email issuance (bulk email)

Single email issuance by selection of recipient member

Perfect for sports and game clubs, social clubs, group pot-luck parties and events seminars.


Four independent overlapping outstanding session plans (more by request at additional fee).

Independent participant sign-up (registration) sheets for each session

AI for inflow content and image creation and editing

Aggregation  of Notes for each session into a chat stream ordered by posting time

Real-time display of number of registrants

Member Lists order by First Name, Last Name, Physical Address, or Birth Month, Role, with color-coded sign-up status


Coming Soon

Need a website for your club? We can offer a powerful pre-designed theme that you can customize for clubs needing one or more event time-stamped sign-up forms including Notes and having an attendance limit with automatic wait-listing. If you have an organization with a number of clubs, ask about our fantastic “Club of Clubs” system!

Ask about our “Exteme Clubs”  module that offers three events per day, seven days per week, rolling continuously year after year! Leaders initiate an event by clicking a calender cell and specifying details. Members then click the cell to open a registration form. We refer to each cell as a “Time Capsule” because of  the scope of information and interactive operation of each cell.

Contact Us

Contact us for information and answers to questions about your account, or simply register with VisiPress to establish your account. Typically customer service will reply in less than 12 hours.

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